VIEVE Soul Shadows Palettes

VIEVE has released 4 new eyeshadow palettes.

The Soul Shadows Palettes contain each 4 eyeshadows with a mix of finishes.

LURE – “Sensual and intoxicating shades lustrous mauves and seductive pinks.”
TERRA – “Inspired by tones found in nature, four earthen matte shades to create a modern nude look.”
NOIR – “Moody molten metallics and rich mattes add smoke and shade for an intense, smouldering look.”
BURN – “The burnished terracotta and burnt orange hues evoke fiery passion.”

They claim to have high-performance, buildable, blendable and buttery pigments.

Where to buy the VIEVE Soul Shadows Palettes?

>> Cult Beauty° <<

>> Space NK° <<

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